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PostHeaderIcon Bangla Karaoke Songs By Abdul Jabbar

Abdul Jabbar is a very popular and famous Bangladeshi singer. He has great contributions to Bangladesh liberation war in 1971. He is the veteran (A person who has had long experience in a particular field, exp. military service) singer of Bangladesh famous for his patriotic songs during the independence war of 1971 and also for his numerous playback hits before and after 1971. Some of his playback hits include, Ore neel daria, Du jahaner malik tumi, Mukh dekhe bhul korona etc.

Bangla Karaoke Songs By Abdul Jabbar

Bangladesh Television(BTV) is broadcasting his songs from 1972 at various TV programs. All other private TV channels in Bangladesh like ATN Bangla, Banglavision, Channel 1, Channel i, Ekushey Television, Falgun Music, NTV and RTV broadcast his songs at Independence Day celebration every year which became a part of the celebration. 150 million viewers observe his songs. Jabbar participated on a solo TV show at RTV. He inspired millions of Bangladeshi people with his patriotic songs broadcasted through Kalurghat radio station (known as Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro) in 1971. His soul-touching voice stirred emotion of Bangladeshi Mukti Bahini (freedom-fighters) to fight hard against Pakistan Army.

 He received several awards like Bangabandhu Padak (1973), Ekushey Padak (1980), Shadhinota Padak (1996). Citycell-Channel i Music Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award (2011).

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