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Archive for April, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Popular Azam Khan Biography with bangla Karaoke with Karaoke music Download

Free Azom-Khan_Bangla Karaoke SongsAzam khan  is a phenomenon  in Bangladeshi  music. He was a pop singer  in Bangladesh. Mahbubul Haque Khan is  his full name. Born on February 28,1950 in Dhaka.  He became popular  specially among the  younger  generation in 1970s. The music history of  Bangladesh  will never be  completed  without  mentioning  his  his  contribution.  He was the pioneer  in Bengali pop music  launching and founded  a band  called “Uchcharon” with a literal  meaning of  “enunciation ”  in the early  1970s. He is honoured as “Guru”  of Rock and Pop  music in Bangladesh.   Azam khan was introduced  to music through his mother ,Zobaida Begum .  His father   Mohammad  Aftabuddin   Khan  was  a  government  officer.

Azam  khan  was a renowed  freedom  fighter  who  faught  against  the  Pakistani  army  in the  Liberation  War of  Bangladesh  in 1971. He fought  in sector  2  under  late Brigadier  Khaled  Mosharraf .  He inspired  fellow  Freedom  Fighters  with  his  voice  and  music.

After  the  liberation  war, in a  new  Bangladesh, he  again  turned  his mind  to music.  His  first  stage performance   was  at a  programme  of the  Notre Dame  College  in 1972. His first  concert in television was  broadcasted  in BTV at the same  year.  Most  of  his  realesed  song  became  instead  hit  and  anthems  of a new  generation. Azam  Khan, along  with Fakir Alamgir, Ferdous  Wahid, Feeroz  Shai , Nazma  Zaman  and  Pilu Momtaz  were sowing the seeds  of  a new  genre  of Bangla  Rock. His popular  songs  including “Ore Saleka,Ore Maleka”,”Jibone Kichu Pabona Re”,”Ami  jare  chaire’’.”Ashi  Ashi Bole Tumi”,”Obhimani”,”Rail liner oi Bostite”,’’Alal  O Dulal”,’’High  Court-er  Mazare” and  many more  that  spoke  of the  youth.  This  legendary  singer  died  on 5th june  2011 at Dhaka  CMH  hospital. He was suffering  from  oral  cancer  which had  spreed  to his lungs.

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